Catching up with Kyah

Some of the awesome crew from the Demon Army met recently with our sponsored player Kyah Farris-White at the MFC Sponsored Player Event. Kyah was chuffed to meet the gang and learn more about his sponsors from the West. 

Sophie from the Demon Army was kind enough to give us an update :

" He's really looking forward to the year ahead and super-excited to hear more about the sponsor with a Perth connection. Mandy, from the Demon Army, spoke to him a lot about his basketball time in the states ( she went there as an exchange student so could understand the feeling of being isolated and homesick.) 
I spoke to the family he lives with and they were really impressed with him. Obviously he has the athletic ability but they were talking about his dedication and strength of character. Sounds like you guys
have chosen well. A really nice guy with a tonne of ability. "


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