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  How will the Dees fair on their journey to the finals?   It is looking pretty good at the moment just having beaten the one of the favourites for the flag in a block buster at the 'G'...... and that's without 'The Clarry'. There are just 10 games left for Melbourne this season and it's not an easy home run. Next week the  CATS will be coming after us with a determination to make move into the top eight. This will be our next big momentum decider , do we have what it takes to secure a top 4 spot ? Round 16 we host the  GIANTS who are not to be easily dismissed. They have found good form later in the season and can certainly bring what it takes on the day. The challenge continues with a cluster of teams at the top of the pile and looking to secure their finals berths. We will need to dig deep to consecutively take care of  St KILDA , LIONS, CROWS & the currently in form but just out of the eight 'TIGERS' .  In rounds 21, 22 and 23 we have a small rep