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Round 1 Rumble

   ** SEE YOU AT THE SAINT ** Get excited as the season kicks off and the Dees look ready to hit it head on. The AFL has not been too creative as we meet the Bulldogs once again for Round 1. Come and join us at the Saint Hotel -  rub shoulders with some like minded  Dees fans and cheer on as our season opener unfolds. Bounce Down    👉 4.25pm 👈  Sat Mar' 18 😉 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On game day cheer on the  Dees with us  at.. 2 Morris Rd, Innaloo WA 6018 *Weekly drink and meal specials *Bring some change for the raffle.   Subscribe to the newsletter  – keep up to date ! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SOME AWESOME DEES SUPPORTERS AT THE SAINT