Western Demons are proud to sponsor two players for the 2024 season. 

Taj Woewodin

 One very proud dad I bet ( and Mum Too ! ).  Taj will be creating his own history at MFC and we will be backing him in for 2024. Looking forward to watching you Taj make your way around the paddock & hopefully crack a few more goals in the process.  You have timed it well to become a part of this great team we currently have. Congratulations - may you reap the rewards for your efforts.

Kyah Farris-White

Kyah is a Category B Rookie at the Dees. A very well planted at 206cm and weighing in at 95kg - no doubt building to be something special.  We wish you all the very best Kyah for 2024 and hope you can really enjoy your football. We look forward to watching you progress from your home here in the West! 

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