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The Dees will be kicking off 2023 with some new faces.   The new mix should be a powerhouse for 2023 and make for some anticipated viewing and having us guessing how we will juggle all our 'talls'. The good for our fixture is that we have a reasonable run to finals, the bad is that we play Sydney, Brisabne & Richmond twice each. For some reason I feel that Hawthorn could be the dark horse for the season. Round 13 will be a 'cracka' when Brody hosts his old club at the G - can't wait to see just how foul the turncoat Magpie supporters will be ? Just one game in the West this year at round 4 ..... at least it's not a Friday night so we can anticipate some time for a pre-game function. Stay tuned ! New to the crew :  2 – Jacob van Rooyen (from No.21) 6 – Brodie Grundy 12 – Lachie Hunter 19 – Josh Schache 21 – Matt Jefferson 26 – Jed Adams 28 – Will Verrall 29 – Joel Smith (from No.44) 38 – Oliver Sestan 43 – Kyah Farris-White ---------------------------- What o